Friday, 8 December 2017

End of year reflection

This year has been a really cool year and it has gone really fast especially term 4. This year I got house deputy which I was really surprised about. There was heaps of cool opportunities this year for kawaka year 7 and 8 like house captain, councillor for year 8, social dance and much more.

year 7 Camp.
This Year for camp the year sevens went to auckland. We did multiple activities like going to the auckland museum, Going rollerblading, going to the maritime museum and getting a ports of auckland tour, Going up the sky tower and going to rangitoto island. My favourite part of camp was the sky tower because I have wanted to go up the sky tower since I knew what it was.

  • Camp.
  • Athletics.
  • Cross country.
  • Pirongia forest park lodge.
  • Sports camp.
  • Social dance.

This year I think I have improved a lot In my work. My favourite activities in maths would have to be the problem challenges and my favourite things in writing were the animal reports.

Over all I think this year has been a really good year and although I am excited to have a big break I am also excited for the cool opportunities that I will get next year like hilary outdoors and counselor.