Thursday, 13 April 2017

Term one reflection

This term in maths I have learnt a lot. I have learnt how to round decimals to one decimal point, about angels and how to measure them with a protractor and I have got better at the things I already new.
 In writing we have been focusing on a few different things like simple compound and complex sentences and explanation writing. I found putting simple and compound sentences in my story easy but complex a bit harder. At the moment we are doing explanation writing. I have finished my explanation about lungs and I just need to write a conclusion about rocks. I have found it interesting.

In reading we have been doing heaps of activities like library of language and find it. Library of language is when you find a sentence full of language features and you write it down on a piece of paper that looks like a book. You also write the author and your name. Find it is a activity when you get a school journal and you have to find a adjective, verb, prefix, suffix, two syllable word and a three syllable word.
In tech arts this term I was doing cooking and music. In cooking we learnt different things to do while cooking or baking like needing. We also learnt about safety around the kitchen and food hygiene. In music we were doing the song lush life and radioactive. For lush life I was doing keyboard. It was really fun but easy. For radioactive I was doing guitar. I found it easy but fun as well. I think we did good as a band most of the time.
This term for inquiry we were doing integrity games. Integrity games was when we had to teach Tawa team how to play a game you made up with your group. I was in a group with Jay, Liam, Daniel and I. Our game at the practice day was a game where someone on one side threw the ball to one of the people on the other side. Then that person hit the ball to the other side where someone caught it. That was to hard so on the  day we changed it to patter tennis but you had to walk like a crab. That was also to hard so we changed it to line tag but if you got tug you had to run to the bin and back. The way the person in wins is if they make everybody run before someone gets back.
I think it has been a good term.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Integrity games

On Friday we had integrity games. At the start our game was too hard so we changed it. At the end our game was line tag but if you got tug you had to run to a bin and back. The way the person in wins is if the person tags everyone before someone gets back. We were teaching Tawa teach students. I was in a group with Jay, Daniel and Liam. A positive was that in the end our game went good most of the time. A thing that did not go well is that some people got upset with the running. Something we found interesting is that some people did not like it. The picture below is our game when it did not go well at the start.