Friday, 31 March 2017


On Tuesday Callum from ASB came to our class to talk about money. He talked to us about if you are someone that gets a lot of  money from their job you get more tax than normal people. He talked to us about jobs that get a lot of money, he talked to us about jobs that get a average amount of money and jobs that don't get much money. At the end we played a game. In the game we were going to Fiji. To win the game you had to come back with $0 dollars or more and he had to have a good holiday.In the game I learnt about some things you need to learn before you go on a aeroplane.

Friday, 24 March 2017

reflection 24.3.17

This week In math we have been doing angle. Its pretty confusing but I am slowly understanding it. In writing we are comparing something with something else. I did a snake and a spider and compered them to a hyena and a child. In tech arts we made vegetables cakes and did music with Mr Mathews.