Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Inquiry term 4

This term for inquiry we are finding a problem with either mt ruapehu or taupo hot pools I chose mt ruapehu. The problem I chose was there was not enough chair lifts.I think they should make more chair lifts so you don't have to wait ages to get on the chair lift.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

proud moments

In term three we went to camp I am proud of how quickly I picked up snowboarding.With snowboarding I think some things were hard at start and some things were easy at term three I was also proud of my art work.I was proud of my cubism piece of art the most because I didn't think I would draw the weasel as good as I did and I also didn't think I would do the colouring in a good as I did.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


This term for inquiry we have been showing a message through art, this piece of art is a picture of a hole but I edited it. First I cropped it, then I put the brightness down a bit. I put the saturation down and put the contrast up.And lastly I put on twilight.For starry night made by Vincent Van Gogh we copied his Idea in the sky but we put our message down the bottom.We also did cubism, we had to draw a picture of our message and make a cubism piece of art.We also did a kind of art style of our own I chose cartoon art I hope you like my art pieces.


Hi my name is Joshua and this is a video of my speech should hunting be prohibited.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

proud moments

This term I am proud of making it into Ngahinapouri 7s. I only got 1 try but I did heaps of tackles.It was hard but fun competing against the other schools.This term I am also proud of my science inquiry.It was hard making my movie and making my model but it wasn't so hard finding the answer to my question.

Monday, 4 July 2016

black hole

Black hole
My science question is how a black hole works.The answer is gravity.The gravity in a black hole is so strong it can swallow light and even hole solar systems.If a black hole came to our solar system the gravity would pull on the planets so hard it would send them flying into each other.If a black hole swallowed earth,earth would be the size of a golf ball but have the same amount of gravity.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

My inquiry video

Hi my name is Josh and this term we are doing science this is my inquiry video.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


At assembly on Friday I only  did our song but it still took a while to learn.It started at the noho when whae kathy taught us the words and actions.I found remembering the words easy but remembering the actions hard.After the noho we had to practice the song every day at school and it became easier and easier.Then eventually we performed it at assembly. Kahikatea team did lots more but this is the only one I did.

Monday, 29 February 2016


At the noho this term we did all sorts of stuff.In carving I didn't finish my carving but I did a carving with 3 lines lines on each side and pointy things that look a bit like a tooth.In weaving I lernt how to make a flower.At the pot luck dinner my dad and my mum brought a chicken.There was all sorts of yum food at the pot luck dinner like macaroni cheese and pizza.With the sticks at noho I learnt 3 things to do with the noho we learnt a song and how to do the actions of the song in moari.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Welcome to 2016

My name is Josh Wilson, I'm a year 6 and in Room 8. This year so far I have been doing good because I made it into leadership day and I have gotten better at maths.This year I am looking forward to cooking and science.My goal this year in spelling is to be on set T.My goal in writing this year is to be on 3b and using set T words in my writing.My goal in maths this year is to be on 6a and being able to do level 4 in live mathletics fast.