Friday, 4 December 2015

See a need fill a need Journey

See a need fill a need Journey.
This term with my see a need fill a need I kept changing it because it Either didn't work or I couldn't find any information.I can't remember all of the things I did but I can remember using fruit to run a toaster,A sensor so the neighbours cat didn't get in and start a cat fight,a snail trap,and a snail trap that works,so I kept it.In my trap I caught lots of snails and slugs and even Tiger slugs.If you want to see what it looks like go to the see a need fill a need day on the 4 of December 2015.

term 4 review

Term 4 review
This term we have been doing see a need fill a need.My invention was a snail trap made out of things you will probably have.You need 2 cans,one big one small,3 tent pegs,and a bottle of beer.If you want to see it come to the see a need fill a need day on the 4 of December 2015 in the hall.This term I think I have gotten a little bit better at maths because I have gotten better at my times tables and my family of facts.At athletics  this term I did better than I thought I would especially in sprints because I tried my best in all of the events but I didn't get a placing.This term we have also been doing beads.How it works is you get a bead every time you are good or compete in something.At the moment I have 17 beads.This term we are doing sports camp and the big day out but we haven't done them yet.