Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Term three review

This term we have been doing science.It has been fun, but I am struggling to find a good experiment topic.My topic at the moment is how an electric fence works but I have not done any research on it yet.This term we have also been doing target groups,I was in maths and we were learning about money and place value.In PE I was learning how to use a base ball bat properly using the techniques,door knocking knuckles ,bend your knees,squash the bug,and chop the wood.I was really interested in all of the vehicles at motat especially the motor bikes because a motor bike has always been my favourite vehicle.I have not achieved my goal so Next term I am  going to practice my spelling more and hopefully achieve my goal.

Monday, 21 September 2015

mount maugaunui  camp
I loved mount maugaunui,I especially liked the canyoning because we got to jump of really high rocks and go down rapids and waterfalls.I had to push myself on the pink rock climbing wall because I wasn't looking forward to going upside down.I enjoyed the surfing because when I started body boarding I always tried to stand up and I finally got to.The hot pools were awesome because usually when I go to the pools I am by myself and this time I had all my friends,but the salt water got in my eyes .The treasure hunt was cool because most ones I do are short but this one was long.I liked the hike because it was the first time I had climbed to the top of a mountain.I also enjoyed it at the camp grounds because we played all sorts of games and activities. Josh Wilson.
In science this term my topic went from why does our body react and get hypothermia to how do animals change the environment to how a motor bike works to coke and mentos to how a rainbow is formed to how does a electric fence works.I changed from hypothermia because I could not find any information.I changed from how animals change the environment because I found some thing better.I changed from how a motor bike works because I got sick of it.I changed from coke and mentos because I got too much information.I changed from how a rainbow is formed because I got sick of it.And I changed to how a electric fence works because I like farming.My favorite one was how a motor bike works.The way it works is because there is a lever on the carbirator with is opened with the right side throttle. That.That then opens the end and leads it into the cylinder. After.After that a spark goes of and forces the fuel and air to push the piston witch pushes a lever witch makes a chain go.I have learnt allot from science and I think it is very cool.