Tuesday, 30 June 2015

This year for production we  had 5 scenes to choose from Aotearoa,fantasy,African,under the water,and career.I chose African because I like animals and I really wanted to see what we would do as animals.On our first practice we got to audition for the animal we wanted to be in the production.There were 3 zebras,3 gazelles,2 giraffes,1 rhino,4 Meerkats,1 elephant,and one lion.I auditioned for a rhino and a lion and made it into being a rhino.The dance was pretty hard because I had to remember where about I had to walk on stage what time I had to do it and how fast I had to do it.After several practices we had a dress rehearsal and each group performed their dance to each other in their costumes,we did that for three days and then on the 25 of June we performed  it to the parents.It was different to what I thought it would be because their were lots more people,I wasn't nervous,and it was much more fun than the practice.The next day we performed it to the school and that was the same I wasn't nervous and it was fun.Then every one got out of their costumes and went home.,