Monday, 21 September 2015

In science this term my topic went from why does our body react and get hypothermia to how do animals change the environment to how a motor bike works to coke and mentos to how a rainbow is formed to how does a electric fence works.I changed from hypothermia because I could not find any information.I changed from how animals change the environment because I found some thing better.I changed from how a motor bike works because I got sick of it.I changed from coke and mentos because I got too much information.I changed from how a rainbow is formed because I got sick of it.And I changed to how a electric fence works because I like farming.My favorite one was how a motor bike works.The way it works is because there is a lever on the carbirator with is opened with the right side throttle. That.That then opens the end and leads it into the cylinder. After.After that a spark goes of and forces the fuel and air to push the piston witch pushes a lever witch makes a chain go.I have learnt allot from science and I think it is very cool.

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